Weiss Cavas

"Don't worry, I am normal… at least when compared to you guys."

Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 181 cm (5'11")
Position: Student; Fine Art, first year
Likes: milk tea

The protagonist of Junk Art. A considerably tactful individual, Weiss appears to be easy-going and light-hearted in the eyes of many. In reality, he is unsocial and is extremely wary of others, even to those close to him. He intends to wrap this assignment up and leave the school compound as soon as possible.

Creator's Comment
Ah… our lovely male lead. His original design was actually based off another character of mine from the now-defunct rpg; Monochrome Canvas.
Although Weiss's own personality leans toward trying to be 'ordinary', I had to choose a slightly more striking design to help him stand out as the main character. Blue and white are used as his colour theme to match my taste. As for some casual feel, he was given a pair of jeans to move around in - which I quite liked, since not many fantasy-character sports denim trousers anyway.

Oh, and he got a ponytail too. Probably too lazy to cut his hair or something.


  • His first name means 'white' in German (I think?)
  • Cavas is an intentional misspelling of 'canvas'. His full name thus equals 'White Canvas'
  • Weiss's character is like a white (clean) canvas in a sense; plain & ordinary…
  • Lookalike = Felt Blanchement of Atelier Iris 2


Sprite Construction

  • base skeleton from rmxp rtp 'Noble03'
  • head from Mack
  • shirt from Mack
  • pants from rmxp rtp 'Bartender01'
  • ponytail from rmxp rtp 'Noble02'

My Difficulty rating: 3/5 (two revisions, but nothing too tough)

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