I thought it would be neat to keep track of my progress on the game every day, so here it is…

DAY 26(Nov. 26)
Spent most of my day drawing the fresh piece of chibi picture of the main cast. It has been placed on the site's front page. Also edited characters' description and added a project entry in RMXP.ORG.
Check it out @ http://www.rmxp.org/forums/showthread.php?p=324812#post324812

DAY 25(Nov. 25)
Didn't do anything constructive on Sunday, besides revamping the current school maps. Frickin' family dinner dragged out for 5 hours at least. =_=;

DAY 24(Nov. 24)
Weekends are usually the time of the week when I have limited time for myself.
Anyway, I uploaded yet another monster - Koro Curator. Edited (fixed) Clarini's sprite to give her longer pigtails (twin tails). Looking cute, Clarini~

DAY 22~23(Nov. 22~23)
Three new monsters; Book Bat, Horror Frame, Giant Silverfish, added! The "Monsters" page was created.
Again, I went over to my grandma's place to take care of her.

DAY 21 (Nov. 21):
Added the first enemy; Art Thief (!) into game's database. Tweaked quite a few parts in the database as well.

DAY 20 (Nov. 20):
Screwed around with scripts. Too much time wasted on that.
Was out of home mostly, to look after my grandmother.

DAY 15~19 (Nov. 15~19):
Took a while to fill in the colors for Lesae, along with new additions Quilti and Mabre. Was too lazy to update this section daily. =P

DAY 14 (Nov. 14):
Completed colored version of Weiss's battler, as well as Lesae's battler lineart. Will add in the colors tomorrow.

DAY 13 (Nov. 13):
Spent half the day slacking, and the rest of the time churning out linearts for both Weiss's concept drawing and SD battler. Took way-longer time than I was supposed to, but that's 'cos I haven't touched my pencil for quite some period.

DAY 11~12 (Nov. 11~12):
Two days of doing nothing significant for the project. I had reasons!… I was mostly out of home. More like forced to go out. Anyway, let's hope the coming week will bring huge updates!

DAY 10 (Nov. 10):
Done with three new character sprites today: Komix, Ecou and Tilia. Added Komix's profile into the site as well.
Also, I finished up the five main leads' (of part 1) weapon icons.

DAY 9 (Nov. 9):
Finished with a new character sprite: Dramas!
I spent half the day redoing/recovering my lost tilesets. It wasn't too hard, but I definitely don't wish to go through that again. It is always a good habit to have backups… =_=;

DAY 8 (Nov. 8):
Completed Mabre's sprite. I was out most of the day, which is why I didn't accomplished much.

Update: Hell happened. At near midnight, I screwed up big time by accidentally deleting my map tile-sprite I have been working so hard on. Pretty much 4 days of work gone just like that, and no backup too. I am suffering mild after-shock from the sudden event, but I am going to put my all for the new set of tiles.

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