Special Thanks

This is a list of contacts I wish to specially thank thus far, as their contributions (both directly or not) have help make Junk Art possible.

Do let me know at moc.liamtoh|ijok_krad#moc.liamtoh|ijok_krad, if there is any one I haven't or wrongly credited. Thank you.


I myself can't script properly to save myself, so I have to rely on others' codes to do the work for me. A big thank you for you guys' awesome scripts!

  • RMXP Standard Development Kit ver. 2.3 by SDK Team
  • Dynamic Defending ver. 1.0 by SephirothSpawn
  • Quest Log by Jaberwocky
  • Power Word: Shield Status Effect ver. 1.0 by The_Falcon
  • Easy Party Switcher ver. 2.11b by Blizzard
  • Actor Kill Counter ver.2, Bonus Kill Experience ver.1, Minimum Damage ver.4, End of Battle Recovery ver.1 by sandgolem
  • Triple Triad ver. 1.0 by SephirothSpawn
  • Universal Customizable Menu ver. 1.6 by The Sleeping Leonhart
  • HP/SP gauge animation indication ver. 1.03 by Cogwheel
  • Super Simple Gradient Bar by lambchop
  • Level up Window ver. 2.0 & Damage Display ver. 1.2 by Trickster
  • Action Battlers ver. 1.1 by SephirothSpawn
  • Universal Messaging System ver. 1.5.0 by Ccoa
  • Animated SaveFile ver. 1.0 & Item Found Window ver. 1.0 by sandgolem


The graphical essence of junkart. Most of sprites taken by me have been edited/recolored and thus do not reflect the actual skill of the original creators. If you wish to see the work of those excellent spriters in their original forms, check the links below.

Minor credits:
  • InvisibleDrifter : "Tyke Bighead" template
  • XCQSHN : VX character template
  • Aranak : spiky-haired character template


Sound Effect:


This is a list of people who have contributed to junkart in other ways. Their contributions are as followed:

  • Jun Wen : game-tester, and friend
  • Injury : friend, and regular tester
  • Atemu : misc. guidance in mapping

And also sites/company that should be credited for reasons as stated below:

  • Square Co. & Hiroyuki Ito : for the original 'Triple Triad' card system
  • [www.newgrounds.com Newgrounds.com] : awesome flash site that host the bgm I used

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