Quilti Desing

"Don't give up! That's my motto in life!"

Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 163 cm (5' 4")
Position: Student; Fashion, second year
Likes: designing clothes

A cheerful and outgoing lady who enjoys making up new clothing designs – even if the finished work usually leave something to be desired. Her frequent trips to the school’s material room prompt several meetings with Weiss, whom she has gained a little of a friendly term with.

Creator's Creation
I guess one won't be wrong to label Quilti as female lead, since she is after all the first major female character to be introduced. She also plays a vital role in the game, but I won't say any further regarding this.
Like Weiss, her original sprite came from my old game. Pink is emphasized, and along with a combination of white to create a pure, girlish image. Her cap only came up in the later stages of design, and I quite liked the result. Without that round hat, her design would surely look somewhat empty… kind of like her own fashion creations, hehe.


  • A little weird-sounding, Quilti is broken down from the word 'Quilting'
  • Her last name; Desing is rearranged from 'Design'. Go figure~
  • Lookalike? = a mix of: Viese Blanchimont of Atelier Iris 2 + Atoli of .hack G.U. (O_o;)


Sprite Construction

  • base skeleton from rmxp rtp 'Cleric06'
  • head from rmxp rtp 'Civilian17'
  • blouse & skirt from Mack
  • wristband from rmxp rtp 'Thief04'

My Difficulty rating: 2/5 (most of the work were done quite some time ago)

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