Mabre Blackletter

"Life is short, and shortly it will end. So let's us enjoy ourselves, while we can."

Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 158 cm (5'2")
Position: Student; Fine Art, first year
Likes: Mr. Shu Fa, themes associating with death

Fellow classmate of Weiss, and close friends with Quilti as well. Others deem Mabre creepy due to her strange obsession with black and the subject on death. Disregarding that slight weirdness in her, she is in actuality an intelligent and respected student. On a side note, this young woman is infatuated with her homeroom lecturer Shu Fa, and does not hide it.

Creator's Comment
The idea of Mabre only came in after I drafted out the first eleven playable characters. Originally just Quilti's friend, I decided to make her Weiss's study peer as well. There is a small explanation behind this association, but I will let the game story play it out for you instead.
As it is with Weiss and co., Mabre has her own specialty art: Gothic art. Out of fun, I also dressed her similar to Gothic fashion. See a pattern?
Given her character's style, it was easy to decide the colours for her design. Just various shades of grey (black). Her hair length reaches slightly below her shoulders, while her sideburns go longer down. As a designer's choice, I also inputted a pouch that straps onto her back waist. Reed pens and spare bottled ink are stored within, though of course you don't see them shown here. >_<


  • Like many other names in junkart, Mabre is just a make up word, formed from 'Macabre'
  • Blackletter is also known as 'Gothic script'. It is also Mabre's art specialty
  • Lookalike? : a mix of: Kitaoji Hanabi of Sakura Taisen III + Ryuna of Shining Tears


Sprite Construction

My Difficulty rating: 2/5 (copy-pasta~ and simple colour choice)

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