Lesae Stan

"That is irrelevant. End of explanation, full-stop."

Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 170 cm (5'7")
Position: Student; Fine Art, first year

The first person to make acquaintance with Weiss in school. Lesae is a no-nonsense young man, with an air of arrogance around him. For some reason, he is interested with Weiss and regards him as a sort of rival. Lately, he has been suffering from a string of random headaches.

Creator's Comment
Lesae is one of the very few characters in the game that wear glasses. His golden hair is combed backwards to bring about a more matured feel. The shirt and vest combination also further complements the 'aristocrat' concept that I want him to have. A little unusual is his pants, which the ends are baggy. This may seemed like something too sloppy for Lesae's preference, but it serves as a necessary mean of contrast to his overall design.
Although not entirely obvious, red is Lesae's main colour. It is to bring about an opposing effect to Weiss's blue theme - like rivals.


  • Spell 'Easel' backwards, and you will get Lesae's first name
  • Stan is a forceful shortened form of 'Stand'. When you put together the original form of his full name, you get 'Easel Stand' =D
  • His name can be interpreted that both Weiss and himself go hand-in-hand together. Or more clearly; his sole existence is to keep the latter in "balance"
  • Lookalike? = Akihiko Sanada of Persona 3 (choice of colours, at least)


Sprite Construction

  • base skeleton from rmxp rtp 'Gunner01'
  • shirt from rmxp rtp 'Bartender01'
  • pants from rmxp rtp 'Civilian04'
  • glasses from Ragnarok Online 'Mini Glasses'

My Difficulty rating: 2/5 (easy! Major use of rtp = 'budget spriting' =P)

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