Kraft Maquet

"For me to be labeled a 'saint', is nothing but irony."

Gender: Male (?)
Age: 23
Height: 179 cm (5'10")
Position: Student; Fine Art (sculpture), fourth year
Likes: night, sculpting maquette

Final year student in the sculpture department, Kraft is actually undergoing his fourth term instead of the standard three years of study. Despite being presumably blind, his magnificent artisanship in clay molding has gained him the reputation as the “Saint of Clay”. As with his feminine-like appearance, he carries a sense of gentleness and converses in a polite manner.

Creator's Comment
Kraft is most definitely the 'pretty boy' of this game. Even before the actual design arose, I had already imagined what I wanted him to look like - slender, beautiful with long, flowing hair, but at the same time still masculine enough. What was really difficult was to decide the colours to go with that image. It was only through two days and uncountable palette swaps that I finally came to the colour theme you see as of now; 'gentle' green & brown like the typical craftsman's wear.
His attire is rather unique. The top is a mantle and a white shirt within, while the bottom consist of a matching apron and dark pants. The key point is the apron, for it emphasize his craftsman status. It is also intentionally made to appear like a skirt upfront, if only to match his female side. Last but not least is the headband. That's just there if Kraft needs to bind his hair before work.


  • Kraft's first name is meant to pronounce just like 'Craft'
  • Maquet comes from the word 'Maquette'; as in 'preliminary model'
  • Lookalike? = n/a


Sprite Construction

My Difficulty rating: 4/5 (took 2 days to finalize his design + a lot of tweaks *phew)

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