Komix Banel

"Bro, the information are on me. After all, we are pals!"

Name: Komix Banel
Age: 22
Height: 180 cm (5'10.9")
Position: Student; Fine Art, first year (retained student)
Likes: comic drawing, rumors & mysteries

Komix is a first year, like Weiss. However, unlike the others, this young man repeated his year due to excessive neglecting of his studies. He is often seen sketching his so-called comics during lessons. Besides his love for comic, Komix also holds a strong attraction for mysteries, of any sort. Not surprisingly, he is the best person in Juno school to look for in regards to unusual rumors.

Creator's Comment


  • Both Komix and Banel are make-up words that sound similar to 'Comic' and 'Panel' respectively
  • Lookalike? : umm…


Sprite Construction

My Difficulty rating: 1/5 (I rushed through it; it was simple anyway)

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