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Main Characters

Name: Dusk Tora (last name)
Race: Hume
Class: White Mage
Alignment: Lawful Good

Bio: A young apprentice of the white magic, this hume is a kind, polite, and rather soft-spoken individual. Since young, Dusk has been taught to be benevolent and uphold the holy justice, therefore he will stubbornly not do anything that will go against the church's laws, as well as his very own conscious.
He is currently on a pilgrimage away from his hometown, in search of the ancient grand shrine. While on his journey, Dusk is willing to pick up random missions that he feels is of a worthy cost.

NPC Partner: Lunette (Dusk calls her 'Lune' for short)
Race/Class: Hume/Black Mage

Bio: An outcast from a small village near Lutia; labeled as a heretic, or witch by her own people. Dusk found Lunette wandering aimlessly - totally worn out and hungry, and helped nursed her back to health. The girl have been following him ever since.
Lunette is to be described as a quiet and stoic young girl, though one can hardly see her actual face under her weathered mage hat which she never seemed to take off. Her speech pattern usually constitute of just one to two words per sentence. Petite in size.
Favor Thunder spells.


CG01: Lunette taking ether

CG02: Goblins on the attack

CG03: Lunette casting Ice

CG04: Dusk bashing Goblin

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