Dramas en Geki

"Fear me evildoer, for I am the justice bringer ranger… RED!!"

Name: Dramas en Geki
Age: 18?
Height: 172 cm (5'8")
Position: Student?; Drama, first year??
Likes: fried tofu, eggs, fish (food)


Creator's Comment
Dramas is a very interesting character in my opinion. He was originally made to portray a chatterbox, witty 'bard' type, but down the road I realised I needed someone to play the part of the group joker. So immediately, I took Dramas for a quick changeover and made him the trickster he is today.
His design theme is 'casual hipster', even though junkart setting is based around the 18th-19th century. From his beanie, tanned skin, and to his red muffler, it is all to bring out an unusual air of presence. There is actually a sort of real-world relevance for the muffler, but explaining it outright will just give away Drama's true identity.
And for some fun, try looking closely at the back of his jacket - the letter 'R' is printed there. =D


  • Very obvious, the name Dramas is in relation to the word 'drama'
  • En Geki, or 'engeki' is the Japanese word for 'theatrical'
  • Lookalike?: Kazuma Mikura of Air Gear (eh)


Sprite Construction

My Difficulty rating: 2/5 (straightforward design and construction)

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