Clarini Noto

"Let me think. That is too much of a hassle… isn't it?"

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 149 cm (4'11")
Position: Student; Music, 1st year
Likes: dogs(!!), quiet places, learning new stuff

Although a piano student, Clarini devotes the main bulk of her time practicing the clarinet - her favourite musical instrument. As most of the skills have to be self-taught, she is frequently at the school's library looking up music sheets. If not so, the girl will be at a random secluded place playing her beloved clarinet.
Clarini is a hardworking and honest person. Her straightforwardness can come out as being blunt though. She has a disliking for crowded area, and isn't exactly outgoing either. Additionally, she has a real soft-spot for canines.

Creator's Comment
One of the characters I spent a lot of time on sprite work. I wanted a major character to have a petite frame, and eventually picked Clarini for the role. Incidentally, trying to edit a 'small-child' sprite is a lot more work, as there are less space to fill in the details.

Her colour scheme is basically dirty-yellow and black (or darker gray). She was meant to vaguely look like a traditional witch; dull/black tones and simple dress code, but I tweaked the concept around quite a bit, to avoid losing her original child-like appearance.
Red hair was chosen, only because many other witch-characters I know of are red-headed as well. There are two sets of ribbons for Clarini - one pair tied to her hair (that resemble a pair of dog ears), and the other not-so-obvious one on the back of her skirt. Lastly, the skirt was patterned to mirror the keys of a piano. Neat huh?


  • Clarini is a wordplay of 'Clarinet'. Originally her name was Clarine, but it was too plain so…
  • Noto derived from 'Note', as in: musical note. Noto is also the surname of Mamiko Noto, a Japanese seiyuu I quite like
  • Lookalike? = Not sure; I wanted her to look more closely like Amitaliri of Shining Force EXA though (!!)


Sprite Construction

My Difficulty rating: 4/5 (so much work.. *faints)

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