Bella Tombe
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: n/a
Position: Student; Dance, second year
Likes: n/a

The sole heiress to the wealthy Tombe family, Bella is expectedly haughty, extravagant and a bit of a tom-boy. She is also the top ballerina in Juno school, which gives her all the more reason to be proud of her high status.

Creator's Comment
The last character of the main cast that was completed. This lass's design put me through a lot of modification and adjustments. Using a different body template was already quite troublesome for me, but it had to be done regardless - due to certain story events in the game.

(to be continued)


  • Bella is an actual name, but the idea mainly stems from twisting the word "Ballet"
  • Tombe is an actual ballet move name - generally a beginning move


Sprite Construction

My Difficulty rating: 5/5 (puts my spriting to test >_>)

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