Game Premise

"Art forms the fundamental basic of this world. To abuse, or forsake art completely is to disrupt the very balance of the world. People, who do such, are labeled as 'Junk'."

Sent by the mysterious organization; "Avant Garde", Weiss Cavas infiltrates Juno Arts School in the form of a new student - to investigate a strange field of distortion, suspected to be caused by the presence of a significantly strong "Junk" nearby.

With the assistance of apprentice fairy Almond, Weiss shall find and eliminate the source of disturbance - all before the Junk turns his surroundings to a complete wasteland.

More about Junks
Former humans once accused by the ancient muses for dangerously corrupting the arts. Given the title "Junk", they and their descendants were thus cursed for generations to come. The Junks will gradually render all things around them "art-less", or states without the essence of art, until they themselves seek repentance and carry out a penance set by the high fairies.

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