Welcome to JUNKART

Junk Art, or junkart, is a RMXP game currently in production by Dark Koji.
This site will generally feature 'behind-the-scenes' stuff and other Junk Art related articles.

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  • Game …general features shown here
  • Backgroundmore about the game story & other tidbits
  • Juno Schoolthe only place you need to know in this game
  • Charactersfacts and tidbits of junkart's cast
  • Monstersunworldly beings you get to kill for exp.
  • Thankslong list of people I wish to credit in relation to junkart
  • Updatesrecord log of what I did for the game each day


*all pictures are subject to change

Game Information

Release Date 2008 January
Genre role-playing game
Rating Teen
Platform Microsoft Windows XP

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